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Established 1914

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"The Worst End of South End"



Belle Acres Membership Policy

Belle Acres Golf & Country Club was started in March of 1989 as a social club. Then, as now, our membership requirements were simple:

        • No Profanity
        • Don't Park in Johnnie's Spot
        • Be Pleasant
        • No Foul Mouth Yankees

Due to the incredible success of Belle Acres and the constant barrage of applications, we limited our membership to sponsored applications only. In 1989, our initiation fee was only $25. When we doubled the size of the club, and with the addition of Nachmans, a membership initiation increase was necessary and now stands at $2,500. Presently, our roster totals 318. When we reach 350, we will again raise the initiation fee to $3,000.

A Few Guidelines for Sponsoring New Applicants

  • We don't want to teach your applicant our rules.
  • If you don't know or like your applicant, don't bother.
  • Please be judicious if you sponsor a new member.
  • Initiation & First Year - $2,500
  • Annual Renewal - $250

Fill Out the Form Below

We have made the application process as painless as possible for you, our valued Member. Just fill in the form below with all pertinent information and click the submit button. The Membership Committee will review the application and inform you of the result as quickly as possible.


Belle Acres Golf & Country Club Membership Application

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to

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